Saturday, December 26, 2015

SUQQU blend color eyeshadow 01 and 2015 holiday limit eyeshadow EX 03 Swatch

Hi, Guys. Today I will show you two eyeshadow swatches. They both come from SUQQU. One is SUQQU Blend Color eyeshadow 01, and the other one is SUQQU eyeshadow 2015 Holiday limited EX03.

Okay, then lets begin see the swatches.

Comparing to these two eyeshadow, you can easily find these two palettes are very similar. But the holiday limit EX03 is shimmer,and the 01 is matte. They all have blue, light brown, and naked white. But I like them both, the 01 is more natural, and EX03 is more party feeling. I think those eye shadow are both great in winter time. SUQQU eyeshadows' quality very great. They are very soft and easily to blend. 


Saturday, December 19, 2015

OZ Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Crème

I used this eye crème about six days. I very like it. This eye crème is 99% natural, so it is very gentle. I also feel very safe and health, when I begin to use it. I think it’s a good choose use it during winter, it is very hydrating.  So the Ultra Ageless Eye creme does a good job against the dry and cold conditions.  After I tried it about 6 days , I feel my dark circle became lighter. I think it did a good job on dark circle. This eye crème has coffee seed extract and vitamin E. I know them can improve and reduce dark circle. I feel very glad, after I used. As result of the reducing dark circle, I feel whole person become radiant. I also use it  during the daytime, I used it under my makeup. Even though it called crème, but it is very light, it can quickly go into your skin. It’s not like else eye cream is very oil. It is very hydrating, and then protects my skin against wrinkle. So I used morning and night everyday. If you like you also can use it on your whole face.

From this picture, you can see it's the white cream , it's very gentle. It easily attracts. I use at night, when I wake up I feel the skin around my eyes is very soft.

This photo shows the eye cream after 15mins

This eye cream is made by matrixyl synthe'6, antaxanthin, coffee seed extract, algae extract, carrot root extract, vitamin E.

I very like this eye cream. I highly recommend to get this eye cream.

Sponsered Post. I do not buy on this product, but all opinions are honest.


Monday, December 14, 2015

SpookyEyes Contact Lenses Holiday Makeup

Hello Guy. Today I will show you my holiday makeup. So many holidays will be coming, Christmas, 2016 new year. I am so exciting during those holiday months. I get the contact lens from SpookyEyes, which is Glimmer Green Contact Lenses. I have a pair of black or may be brown eyes, but those contact lenses are green. There is big difference between my real eye color and contact color. I feel very interesting, and also I feel there is a big challenge in this makeup.

Product Code: 60239
Base Curve: 8.8
Brand: Dream Eyes
Duration Unopened: up to 4 years
Safety: FDA Approved
             ISO International Standards
Size: 14.5mm
Suitable for: All eye colours even dark eyes
Type of Lens: Soft

Frist, I will show you my natural look with the contact. Those green contacts are very pretty.

After you saw my natural look. You can see it's very beautiful light green contact. This green is like the color of spring grass. Then I will show you my holiday make up.  I choose a light yellow wig to match this green contact. It’s look like so cute. When I done this holiday make up, I felt I look like an animatic person. You also can find some special anime contact on SpookyEyes.

After you saw my natural look and holiday makeup. I think you will be very interesting in my contact. I get those contact from The Spookyeyes website has so many different kinds of contacts. They have natural eye contacts, color contacts, crazy contacts, Halloween contacts. I must be sure if you go to this website, you will find contacts which you like. I really hope you can find a correct beautiful contact during this holiday time.

I do not buy on the contacts, but all opinions are honest.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lips Swatches

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lips is very beautiful collection. This lips collection include many great lipsticks. Its color range is very big, which is from cute pink to the dark red. Some lipsticks' color I never bought before, this collection give me first try on them. I separate this collection to three groups.

 The first group is special cool color, because I rarely used those color lipsticks.

This group include color is nude, dark red, black red. Before I rarely used this kind of color lipstick. When I try them from Give Me More Lips, I found they are very pretty. I like them so much. Bite in Cognac is very great winter color. Laura Mercier in Milky Way is very interesting color, I first try this color. 

The second group is pretty red. This group lipsticks have a common characteristic very red. This kind of red is like fire, it's so pretty to use in the winter or fall. This color also can let the makeup face become more radiant, as result of their bright feature. I think when I put those lipstick on my lip, I will feel more confident. 

The third group is cute pink. 

I really want to say those ones are my color. I usually use them on my lip. Because those color let me feel very cute, they are not too bright and also not too dark. The pink color let people feel soft,warm and romantic. They are very good color in spring and summer.If you lived in southern part, you can use them all time. Those color can easily match my face makeup, eye makeup, or my clothes.

But I also like the special cool's and pretty red's lipsticks. Those two groups lipsticks let me try different kinds of color that I never used before, they open a new world for me. They let me feel interesting. 

If you like my swatch or blog, please follow me or give me likes. Thanks. Have a great time during this holiday time.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cle de Peau 2015 Limit Collection Bal Masque (Swatch)

The most important reason I want to get this Limit collection reason is the eyeshadow’s case is so pretty. 

In my opinion, the green eyeshadow is very beautiful. My favorite color is green, but I also know green is not my eyes' color.But this eye shadow is really my color. I like it so much.
I post this collection's swatch on my blog. You can see the eyeshadow is very elegance. The lipstick is a great color for winter. It's fabulous bright red. The mascara is purple red brown. Those three products make a great cooperation. Love this collection.

  I use this CPB 2015 limit collection Bal Masque in this photo. 

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