Monday, December 14, 2015

SpookyEyes Contact Lenses Holiday Makeup

Hello Guy. Today I will show you my holiday makeup. So many holidays will be coming, Christmas, 2016 new year. I am so exciting during those holiday months. I get the contact lens from SpookyEyes, which is Glimmer Green Contact Lenses. I have a pair of black or may be brown eyes, but those contact lenses are green. There is big difference between my real eye color and contact color. I feel very interesting, and also I feel there is a big challenge in this makeup.

Product Code: 60239
Base Curve: 8.8
Brand: Dream Eyes
Duration Unopened: up to 4 years
Safety: FDA Approved
             ISO International Standards
Size: 14.5mm
Suitable for: All eye colours even dark eyes
Type of Lens: Soft

Frist, I will show you my natural look with the contact. Those green contacts are very pretty.

After you saw my natural look. You can see it's very beautiful light green contact. This green is like the color of spring grass. Then I will show you my holiday make up.  I choose a light yellow wig to match this green contact. It’s look like so cute. When I done this holiday make up, I felt I look like an animatic person. You also can find some special anime contact on SpookyEyes.

After you saw my natural look and holiday makeup. I think you will be very interesting in my contact. I get those contact from The Spookyeyes website has so many different kinds of contacts. They have natural eye contacts, color contacts, crazy contacts, Halloween contacts. I must be sure if you go to this website, you will find contacts which you like. I really hope you can find a correct beautiful contact during this holiday time.

I do not buy on the contacts, but all opinions are honest.


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