Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amore Pacific Review/太平洋爱茉莉测评

Winter is coming. As result of the cold whether, my skin become very dry and uncomfortable. I am looking for some nice products which can give my skin deep hydrating. So I decide to try the Amore Pacific Product. I use Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Creme SPF30, Future Response Age Defense Eye Creme, and Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Masque for my skin care in recent days. And I also get a Color Control Cushion Compact for my day-time makeup. Then I will begin to share with you guys about my feeling on those products.

My skin is very sensitive, so I am not fan for a moisturizer with SPF. The reason is that most of moisturizers with SPF will let my skin feel uncomfortable and also bring the sensitive reaction, but the Future response age defense creme SPF 30 was completely not. After using the Future Response Age Defense Creme SPF 30, I feel my skin is hydrating, and looks like health and radiant. It can diminish wrinkles and minimize pores on skin, and it also can balance the skin tone. This moisturizer can build sun protection to help protect against environmental aggressors such as pollution and free radicals. I like to use it before foundation on winter time, because it can keep my skin hydrating all day and do a great job on sun protection. I also like to use it without any make up, and I do not need put any extra sun protection. It has rich texture, but it does not bring any acne problem. I think the Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Creme SPF30 is my the one of favorite daytime moisturizers.

The Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Creme SPF 30 is made by hand-cultivated green tea, pine mushroom and Future Response Complex. The green tea and pine mushroom provide powerful antioxidant benefits and helps to alleviate signs of skin irritation, while protecting the skin against external pollution. AB-12 Complex, a fusion of 12 Asian Botanicals, helps to reduce visible signs of aging for a healthy, youthful appearance.

I very like the design concept from the Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Eye Creme. It’s a pair of multifunctional eye treatment that can provide a daytime care for sun-protection and a night renovation increase skin hydration and anti-aging.

I really enjoy to use this eye cream, because it is very convenient with great quality. In the daytime, I used it under my eye makeup to keep my skin hydration and prevent sun damage. In the nighttime, it can nourish eye skin and prevent early signs of aging. After applying it at night, in the morning I looked at mirror and totally found the wrinkles under my eye is diminished, and then the skin around the delicate eye area become softer and smoother.

As same as the Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Creme SPF 30, the ingredients of the Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Eye Creme also are green tea, pine mushroom and AB-12 Complex.

Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact
Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen 104

I choose No. 104 Color Control Cushion Compact from Amore Pacific. This cushion can give flawless coverage. It can let your face look natural and perfect. It has SPF 50+ in this cushion which can give skin a great protection against harmful UVAs and UVB rays. 

After I used this cushion, I think it will be a good choose in winter time. It can get skin hydration and natural brighten coverage. I usually use it combining with the Future Response Age Defense Creme SPF 30+, because the cold whether always bring skin the dry feeling. It is also good at fixing the make-up and it give face a quick perfect re-set, so I always keep it in my handbag. This cushion is without paragons, sulfates, phthalate.

When I decided to buy this sleeping recovery mask, I saw its introduction said it can offer an ultimate overnight treatment for a true beauty sleep. Its texture is lightweight and luxurious like gel. Applying it before sleeping, it can let skin recover and rejuvenate from damage and stress during nighttime. The Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask is formulated with 5-Hydra Complex, which a potent blend of Asian botanicals. This sleeping mask has a great function on hydration. During sleeping it can increase skin’s natural protective barrier. I usually used it with moisturizers in the winter time. In the morning I waked up, I would see my skin is softer, smoother and radiant. 

If you are interesting in those products from Amore Pacific , you can find it on www.amorepacific.com. I really hope my review can be helpful and useful to you guys. 
Thanks so much for your reading my review about the Amore Pacific

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