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Diet Supplements Review/内服补充冲剂测评与分享

Hello, everyone. Today I will share some supplements with you, and they are also my daily supplements. It includes Perricone MD Skin Clear, Perricone Super Berry, Emergen-C, and the Collagen (advanced formula 1,2 & 3) from Youtheory.

In fact, I think the skin care is not only dependent on outside care, and  the inside care is also very important. 

Perricone MD Skin Clear Supplements

First, I will share the Perricone MD Skin Clear with you. The main benefit of the Perricone MD Skin Clear is clear blemishes,improve skin's clarity. It also can minimize pores and treats fine lines, wrinkles. Opening this box, you can see there are some small packets. Each packet has seven drops. There are 30 packets in one box. Once per day, so a box will be one month supply. I always take it with breakfast. I recommend the Perricone MD Skin Clear with two main reasons. One, it did a great job for my blemish problem. Another one, after I was taking it for long time, I did not feel uncomfortable, and I also did not find any side effect. I am cautious about eating, so I did a research about ingredients of Perricone MD Skin Clear. I found the ingredients of Perricone MD Skin Clear are so plentiful, and each one has health benefit for human’s body. 

If I count the part of complex drops is a kind of ingredient, there are eight main ingredients in one packet. If I separate those complex drops, there are not only eight ingredients in the dietary supplement. Those ingredients are so considerate, thoughtful and numerous. Then I will do a quick introduction one by one.

First, the key effect of ALA(Alpha Lipoid Acid) can promote healing of wound, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and increase the elasticity of skin. Summarily, it can accelerate healing speed, and then decrease blemish and acne mark.

Another key ingredient is DMAE. When skin begins to lose elasticity, DMAE enhances facial contours and delivers a “lifted”, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The third one is Omega 3. Perricone MD Omega 3 is also a popular product. It can be bought 
individually from Perricone MD. It helps support normal cardiovascular function. For skin, it can improve the function of lock water and skin detox, and it let skin become more flexible and more elastic.

As benefit of the complex drop of vitamin B and Vitamin C can reduce radiation injury, the acne was decreased.

The fifth is Evening Primrose Oil. Its benefit is that decrease Cholesterol and cortisol. It also supports healthy immune system and balance hormones. It does not only reduce acne during period, it also can relieve painful feeling.

The sixth is ascorbyl palmitate. It can boost the generation of collagen and elastin, so it can let skin become more elastic.

The benefit of Vitamin E supports skin cell normally work and anti-aging.

The last one is complex drop of Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D. It supplies abundance mineral elements mineral element and increases digestive function.

In the process of blemish controlling you already try too many outside product, but the blemish still can not be solved. At that time I highly recommend you go to try Perricone MD Skin Clear. Sometime Blemish or acne problem is frustrating trouble in our life, so it should be completely solved.

Perricone MD Super Berry with Acai

Next I will share the Perricone MD Super Berry with you. Its Chinese name is 巴西莓(ba xi mei). But I found the Perricone MD Super Berry Powder with Acai does not only includes Super Berry, it also has Raspberry and Blueberry. The Perricone MD Super Berry Powder provides a great variety Vitamin and Mineral. The main benefit of the Super Berry supplies amino acid and fatty acid to human body. The Super Berry Powder delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants and anti-aging. It also can boost the energy of human body. 

I know someone use this powder as a meal replacement during fitness time, after drinking it people will feel satiety or the sense of being full. This Super Berry Powder only has 15 Calorie. When it become a replacement for a meal, it can control the input of Calorie. Be honest, I feel its taste does not very delicious. The taste of this Super Berry Powder is too sweet, and its smell is very rich fruit flavor. As result of the variety benefit of the Super Berry, I think I have to bare its taste. 


Next I will share the Emergen-C with you. It is a popular Vitamin C dietary supplement in the United State. But it does not only have Vitamin C, it also has a abundant of mineral elements (Ca, Mg, Zn, etc), Complex Vitamin-B, ect. It easily dissolves into water, and I very like this function which can avoid me to keep blending it. I feel its taste is really good, it feel like bubble juice. It has a lot of different kind taste can be chosen, now I have the super orange one and the tropical.

Youtheory Collagen Advanced formula 1, 2 &3

The last thing I want to share with you is the Youtheory Collagen Advanced formula. As we age, collagen naturally breaks down and diminishes over time, which will lead to the early signs of aging. This product replenishes collagen and helps counteract the effects of the aging process. I think replenishing collagen earlier, and the effect of anti-aging will be better. 

I bought it from Costco last week. Six tablets per day. It can be taken all at once or divided doses. I usually divide twice per day. Once in the morning, and the other one in the afternoon. 

I think if you keep take dietary supplements, you will see the improvement little by little. No matter the outside skincare product or the inside dietary supplement are both important to having a beautiful and health skin. I hope my shares can be useful and helpful to you guys. 

I appreciate for your watching my video and reading this review. 

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