Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tatcha Lip Color Kyoto Red and Red Camellia Review & Swatches/ Tatcha Kyoto Red & Red Camellia的测评与试色

In the end of 2016, holiday time is coming. During the holiday time, I think maybe you need some new lipsticks, lip glosses, or lip balms to dress up for holiday party. Today I will share my two new lip products from Tathca. 

The Kyoto Red silk lipstick is a brilliant and rich vermillion lipstick. The vermillion lip was discovered  by Japanese geisha centuries ago. In the modern time, the vermillion lip has become one of the most distinctive, symbolic colors in Japan. The vermillion color is also universal used in decoration, furniture and buildings, because people believe this rich hue will bring protection, happiness and good luck. After I used the Kyoto Red, I think it can do a great match for any skin tone. This lipstick is a long-wearing matte finish, as result its special formula combines brilliant pigments with silk and botanical extracts. It also has a good function on hydrating, after a long wearing I did not feel my lip was dry. When I wear the vermillion lip, I feel this bright red hue can bring me confidence. The Kyoto Red outside case is also very exquisite. Taking this lipstick I can feel its weight, which can tell me it has great quality. 

In my mind, Tatcha only launched two lipsticks. One is the Sunrise: a plum blossom Limited Edition 23K Gold Illuminated Lipstick, and the other one is Kyoto Red. They both are popular lipsticks and both are easily sold out. Kyoto Red is still available on, so it’s a good chance to get it. 

Tatcha Limited Edition Lip Blam — Red Camellia ($38)

Tatcha launched a limited lip blam— Red Camellia in the end of 2016. When I get this little lip balm, I was surprised to its delicate outside looking. It is a small glass jar with a golden top. There are three Red Camellias on the top, and they looks vivid and sophisticated. Those three Camellias are transparent though them easily seeing the rich red color of lip balm. The Red Camellia Lip Blam is made by Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate (Licorice Extract), Oryzanol (Rice Bran Oil Extract), Camellia (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Algae Extract, and Gold, ect…When I open the small jar, its smelling is very fresh and natural that feels like herb. Camellia Oil can protect lips with nourishing antioxidants and moisturizers. After applying this lip balm the lip looks like natural pink color with a little shining, and then lips feel more softer and more comfortable as result of its hydrating function. The inspiration of this limited edition lip balm is Red Camellia, which is popular winter blossom in Japan. Camellia flower motif commonly uses to adorn the temples of Kyoto. 

If you want to try this Limited Edition Lip Blam from Tatcha, you can get it on

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Lip Swatches

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