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2016 Favorite Eye Shadow Palette

Today I will share with you my favorite eyeshadows in 2016. It includes so many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, such as Tom Ford 04 Honeymoon, Burberry No. 12 Nude Blush, and Gucci 40 Autumn Fire. 

No. 1 

It’s a modish nude eyeshadow palette from the By Terry, at the beginning of its launched, it’s crazy out of stock, so it is so difficult to get at that time. When you touch it, you can feel its texture is very soft and smooth. This palette has ten different shades create subtle and ultra-colored effects. As result its producing area is Europe, it has high intensity. It has luxurious comfort formula with premium micro-powders and mineral pigments. This eye shadow can be applied wet or dry. Its wet application brings the watercolor print, and the dry application gives the velvety coverage. This eye shadow palette includes a dual-ended brush for professional and precise application.

This palette has beautiful nude color collection, such as mocha gray, coffee brown, nude gray, rice yellow, and baby pink. It’s suitable on daytime for college girl and official lady, because it can bring a natural and fresh eye look. 


This eyeshadow palette is limited By Terry Eye Designer Palette. It has similar formula with No. 1 Smoky Nude. Its texture also is very soft and smooth. The theme color hue for this eye palette is blue. I like this eyeshadow palette, even though it’s difficult to handle with. Those eye color has gorgeous shimmer, but it can not give a Asian a convenient eye look, because the blue hue are not easy to match their skin color. This eye shadow palette includes lots of glamorous color such as, dark olive green, classical white, wall gray, nude orange, dark latte brown, silver light blue, navy blue, sea blue, rock blue, seaweed blue.


Ritzy, warm coffee brown with green and gold reflects
Havoc, warm copper with teal reflects
Mai Tai, light peach with lavender reflects
Roulette, naked-rosy with shimmer
Cosmopolitan, golden rosy with shimmer
Glamorous, light-copper with shimmer
Galaxy, dark blue ash with shimmer
Pretentious, warm copper with shimmer
Prom Night, naked orchid with shimmer
Unexpected,ash gray matte
Creme Brule, beige eggshell matte
Cocoa Bear, brick brown matte
Hipster,light battleship gray with shimmer
Sensuous, warm orchid with shimmer
Steampunk,dark warm brown with golden reflects

Foiled Eyeshadow Pan
Masquerade, amethyst with metal finish 


It is a dramatic eyeshadow. It has five eye color in one palette, including baby-pink with shimmer, baby-yellow with shimmer, its theme color brick red, the eye liner color deep-plum, and naked golden. 


The Dolce Vita from the Charlotte Tilbury is a sexy stylish dark brown red eyeshadow palette. In the night time the Dolce Vita eye palette brings a mesmerizing smoky eye make-up, and in the day time it gives a well-groomed natural eye make-up. 

The hue of the Dolce Vita includes light pink rosy with shimmer, a brown red, a warm coffee with shimmer, a dark plum brown as liner 


It’s the first generation of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette Naked Collection. Urban Decay gives the eye color some special name with their inspiration in the Naked eyeshadow palette.

The name is this eye shadow palette is very special. 
Virgin, pure white
Sin, naked pink champagne with shimmer
Naked, matte light-brown
Sidebar, light mocha brown with shimmer
Buck, matte medium brown
Half Baked, light-golden with shimmer
Smog, sandybrown with shimmer
Darkhorse, dark copper brown with shimmer
Toasted, light pink reddish brown
Hustle, warm chocolate
Creep, classical black

Gunmetal, dark blue ash with shimmer


The No.12 Nude Blush eyeshadow from Burberry is a romantic palette with fancy texture, which include four harmonious color to provide a elegance eye look. The four eye shades in the palette are light beige, naked rosy pink with shimmer, pink ash, and deep fuchsia with shimmer as eye liner. 


The 040 Autumn Fire from Gucci is a cold plum brown eye shadow palette with lavish texture. I love to use it now, because its hue sets off the profound atmosphere in the winter. 

The four shades of the eye shadow palette are naked pink with shimmer, sakura pink with shimmer, dark red plum with shimmer, matte coco brown. Those four concordant eye shades in the palette provides a sophisticated eye look. 


The Surabaya eyeshadow from Nars Cosmetics is my favorite eye palette in 2016. This eyeshadow palette has two amicable shades to create bold eye look with effortless blending, one is medium coco brown with shimmer, and another is deep prunosus with shimmer. As result of its size, it can be a travel-friendly eyeshadow palette for a convenient way. 

Tom Ford No2. Cognac Sable

Tom Ford No.4  Honeymoon

First Line
eggshell with silver shimmer, naked coffee with shimmer, warm beige with shimmer, cold latte with shimmer
Second Line
brick orange, dark brown, warm pumpkin with shimmer, deep brick red
Third Line
ash with silver shimmer, naked pumpkin with shimmer, classical black, light beige golden


Monday, January 9, 2017

VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Review

Today I will share a fitness product —VivSlim Premium Weight Loss. I think it help me loss weight very health. I take it every morning, before I am doing sport. During one month application, I loss about six pounds. Now I will tell you my loss weight secret. 

The ingredients of VivSlim Premium is all natural which can help my cleanse my system and increase metabolism and energy to my keep skin beautiful. Its ingredients have Tarragon Leaf, Phyllium Husk, Medical Asylum, Jouster Seed, Bitter Orange Fruit, Lotus Leaf, Mulberry Leaf, Konjac Root, Cassia Seed.

Tarragon Leaf: It has powerful effectiveness to handle digestive problem. It also help body to kick away impurities and toxicities, and then loss the chances of obesity.

Phylum Husk: Phylum Husk, used for centuries in Asia, can change the metabolism of glucose and lipids to keep the digestive system health. It can suppress hunger to control the intake of calorie.

Medical Asylum: It’s a variety of starch increase satiety and prevent the body’s fat intake as providing smart blocking on non-fat material converting into fat. 

Jobsteers Seed: The extract of Jobsteers seeds expends body’s fat, eject heat, and also help the bowels clean waste.

Bitter Orange Fruits: In traditional centuries Chinese used it to relieve stomach upset, to repress appetite, and to help solve the mild insomnia problem. 

Lotus Leaf: It decreases the body’s cholesterol levels and aids in digestion. Lotus Leaf is known as “the slimming natural medicine,” and the “Sacred Lotus”. 

Mulberry Leaf: Mulberry Leaf can balance blood sugar, blood fat level, urine fluid level, and promote bowel movement. 

Konjac Root: The soluble fibers of the Konjac Root also can bring the feeling of satiety, as result of lower blood cholesterol, slower glucose absorption, lower the glycemic index. The Konjac Root also can facilitate bowel movements. 

Cassia Seed: Its favor is sweet, bitter and salty. Cassia Seeds can facilitate the liver, kidney, and large intestine and maintain the normal working of bowels.

I use some tool help me during my fitness progress, such as a iwatch, Misfit, Fitbit. Those tools can help me manage the fitness program and monitor the calorie intake and output.

During fitness time I only eat white meat such as chicken, and also do not eat red meat such as mutton, pork. Because the white meat is usually has lower fat calorie than the red meat. The seafood also is great choice as diet food receipt, such as salmon, cat fish, or lobster, because they all have lower calorie. Absolutely vegetable also can be an awesome choice in diet receipt.

Recommended Daily Diet Receipt 
In the morning
Dark Coffee, Fried Egg
In the noon
Salmon/or Chicken, Vegetable(Tomato,celery), Chia Seed
In the evening
Fruit/ Yogurt 

If you are interesting in VivSlim Premium Weight Loss, you can find it on After your reading, I really hope my review can be helpful and useful to you guys. Thanks so much for your reading my review about VivSlim Premium Weight Loss.

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