Monday, January 9, 2017

VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Review

Today I will share a fitness product —VivSlim Premium Weight Loss. I think it help me loss weight very health. I take it every morning, before I am doing sport. During one month application, I loss about six pounds. Now I will tell you my loss weight secret. 

The ingredients of VivSlim Premium is all natural which can help my cleanse my system and increase metabolism and energy to my keep skin beautiful. Its ingredients have Tarragon Leaf, Phyllium Husk, Medical Asylum, Jouster Seed, Bitter Orange Fruit, Lotus Leaf, Mulberry Leaf, Konjac Root, Cassia Seed.

Tarragon Leaf: It has powerful effectiveness to handle digestive problem. It also help body to kick away impurities and toxicities, and then loss the chances of obesity.

Phylum Husk: Phylum Husk, used for centuries in Asia, can change the metabolism of glucose and lipids to keep the digestive system health. It can suppress hunger to control the intake of calorie.

Medical Asylum: It’s a variety of starch increase satiety and prevent the body’s fat intake as providing smart blocking on non-fat material converting into fat. 

Jobsteers Seed: The extract of Jobsteers seeds expends body’s fat, eject heat, and also help the bowels clean waste.

Bitter Orange Fruits: In traditional centuries Chinese used it to relieve stomach upset, to repress appetite, and to help solve the mild insomnia problem. 

Lotus Leaf: It decreases the body’s cholesterol levels and aids in digestion. Lotus Leaf is known as “the slimming natural medicine,” and the “Sacred Lotus”. 

Mulberry Leaf: Mulberry Leaf can balance blood sugar, blood fat level, urine fluid level, and promote bowel movement. 

Konjac Root: The soluble fibers of the Konjac Root also can bring the feeling of satiety, as result of lower blood cholesterol, slower glucose absorption, lower the glycemic index. The Konjac Root also can facilitate bowel movements. 

Cassia Seed: Its favor is sweet, bitter and salty. Cassia Seeds can facilitate the liver, kidney, and large intestine and maintain the normal working of bowels.

I use some tool help me during my fitness progress, such as a iwatch, Misfit, Fitbit. Those tools can help me manage the fitness program and monitor the calorie intake and output.

During fitness time I only eat white meat such as chicken, and also do not eat red meat such as mutton, pork. Because the white meat is usually has lower fat calorie than the red meat. The seafood also is great choice as diet food receipt, such as salmon, cat fish, or lobster, because they all have lower calorie. Absolutely vegetable also can be an awesome choice in diet receipt.

Recommended Daily Diet Receipt 
In the morning
Dark Coffee, Fried Egg
In the noon
Salmon/or Chicken, Vegetable(Tomato,celery), Chia Seed
In the evening
Fruit/ Yogurt 

If you are interesting in VivSlim Premium Weight Loss, you can find it on After your reading, I really hope my review can be helpful and useful to you guys. Thanks so much for your reading my review about VivSlim Premium Weight Loss.

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