Monday, June 5, 2017

Kenra Grip Collection Review

Hello Guys, today I will share some hair products from Kenra Grip Collection to take some interesting chances on your hairs. The new Kenra Grip Collection brings the next level of texture: a range of airy, lightweight styling and finishing products that provide superior definition and all over volume. This collection of the Kenra professional is a great choice for bridal hair style. 

Whip Grip Mousse 9
The whip grip mousse 9 provides 3x more volume without stiffness in an airy, whipped formula. As result this whip grip mousse affords light hold and matte finish, so it usually to work on foundation set during hair style process. 

Air Grip Spray 5
The Air Grip Spray 5 affords 50% more grip in an ultra-lightweight formula. It uses for additional texture and grip layer upstyle with flexible hold and matte finish.

High Grip Spray 20
The high grip spray 20 hands over 24 hour high hold with superior definition in an ultra-lightweight formula. The key function of the high grip spray 20 is used to set hair style in final process, because it offers high hold and definition lasting whole day.

Step1. Shaking the whip grip mousse 9 well, then apply it on dried hair and blow till dry. 
Step2. Shaking the air grip spray 3 well, then apply it during hair style process
Step3. After finish hair style, shaking the high grip spray 20 well, then setting the style with it. 

I design some interesting and beautiful hairstyle at home with the Kenra grip collection. I think under the help from the Kenra Grip Collection I easily let my hair become pretty and tidy. If you are interesting in the Kenra Grip Collection, you will find it on  The Kern professional also provides some great skillful hair style eduction on their website If you want to learn some interesting and creative hair style, maybe you would like to check out their website. I appreciate you spend time to read the Kenra Grip Collection review, I really hope my review can be helpful and useful to you guys.

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