Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Getting fabulous hair help with Kenra Professional new products during NYFW time

The New York Fashion Week will begin in the next week, hairstyle is one of most important element to prepare the fashion show time. I will introduce you some awesome hairstyle products from the Kenra Professional, with their help you definitely make a bewitching hairstyle by your own. The Kenra Platinum snail collection with snail essence fights all ten signs of aging hair. The Kenra Professional launched two new gorgeous hair products in this summer that one is the Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray and another is the Kenra Shaping Spray. The Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray is a muliei-benefit styler to provide heat protection up to 450°F. The Kenra Shaping Spray  make a revolution on hair shaping spray keeping the alcohol out of hair.

The new Kenra platinum snail collection adding the Snail Essence in hair products for holding  anti-aging back. The Snail Essence is popular ingredient as Korean beauty secret to help stop aging. The new Kenra platinum is the 1st one infused the Snail Essence in hair products to help remain the younger appearance of hair. 

Accordingly, of the snail essence, the Kenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo is able to fight all 10 signs of aging hair at same time. The 10 signs of aging hair includes dulling, thinning, breakage, frizz, dryness, elasticity, porosity, scalp irritation, unmanageability, and coarse texture. After washing the snail anti-aging shampoo, I touch my hair feel it’s much softer smoother, and more radiant than the before. 

As similar with the Kenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo, the Kenra Platinum Snail also the function to fight all 10 signs of aging hair. The Kenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Condition offer a outstanding capacity to improve hair being more manageable, more hydrating and more resilient .

The Kenra Platinum Snail CC Cream is a lightweight hair creme to prolong youth in hair. The CC Cream applies either on dry or wet hair. With the snail essence’s help, it prevent ten hair aging issue to maintain juvenility on hair. 

The Kenra platinum snail collection formulated without sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride. No snails are harmed in the production of the Kenra Platinum Snail Collection.

Because the main ingredient of the new Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray 22 is the bee propolis it’s a natural resin forming a cast around the cuticle, this new heat block spray 22 affords unparalleled heat protection. This multi-benefit style takes the high hold finishing with heat protection up to 450°F (232°C).


The Kenra Profession makes a revolution on hair shaping spray to create the 1st professional alcohol free hairspray. The new Shaping Spray 21 supports an extra firm hold and high shine with max moisture retention. The best distance holding the Shaping Spray 21 is away from hair 8 to 10 inches. The optimal working time of the shaping spray is before setting process.

The Kenra Professional will be a great hair partner to setting your all kinds of hairstyle during NYFW time, and also the Kenra Platinum Snail collection provides a vigorous help for stopping hair aging problem. You can safely design an adorable hairstyle under the Kenra Professional’s help. 

If you love to  those new products from the Kenra Professional, you will go to the finding them. The Kern professional also provides some great skillful hair style eduction on their website If you want to learn some interesting and creative hair style, maybe you would like to check out their website. Thanks so much for you guys reading my review, hope it will be helpful and useful to you. Enjoy the NYFW time with the amazing Kenra Professional hair product.

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